We are the leading sustainable social enterprise and provider of ethical microfinance in Lao PDR.

Utilising modern technology, we responsibly offer a variety of innovative, competitive and ethical financial services including loan products, saving products, and insurances, along with critical support services like client product marketing and financial education.

Our microfinance company provides three types of products: deposit, credit, and insurance services. As a responsible finance provider, we pride ourselves on maintaining competitive interest rates.

We are a social enterprise offering inclusive finance and financial education, focused on long-term sustainability, to have the greatest possible impact on the future development of Lao PDR by offering sustainable microfinance for Lao’s people. Profits are reinvested into our financial literacy, technological, and network expansion projects.

We deeply value corporate social responsibility and transparency in microfinance and after 16 years, we remain committed to and focused on serving low-income households in Lao PDR without access to financial services and support. We will continue to support Lao’s people with sustainable finance as we work towards our 2030 Goals for financial inclusion in Lao PDR.

“EMI is the lead deposit-taking microfinance institution in Lao with around 220,000 depositors, almost 10,000 borrowers, and an average loan size of around US$1,200 equivalent.”

Most of our clients are low-income women engaged in trade and other micro-business activities, living in urban and peri-urban areas mainly in and around Vientiane, Vientiane Province, and the secondary cities of Xayaboury and Bolikhamxay. We recently opened a new branch in Luang Prabang, to assist in expanding our reach into the financially un-serviced northern provinces of Lao PDR.


Disbursing its first loan in April 2006, Ekhphatthana Deposit-Taking Microfinance Institution (“EMI”) was the first microfinance institution in Lao (“MFI”) to be licensed by the Bank of Lao PDR and began operations following government regulations issued in 2005.

Sixteen years later, we have grown exponentially to become the leading social enterprise in Lao and ethical microfinance group providing financial services and education, trusted by over 120,000 micro loan clients in four of Lao’s major provinces – allowing people to strengthen their family livelihoods and businesses sustainably.

Our Company

Since 2006, we have released more than 120,000 microfinance loans totalling over USD 90m. With:
  • almost 10,000 active borrowers,
  • a current average loan size of around 13m Lao Kip (approx. US$1,200),
  • a Portfolio At Risk rate (“PAR >30 days”) of under 1% in 2021,
  • average customer savings growth of 17% in the last five years,
  • total assets of USD 19m,
  • 125 staff and 13 branches,
we are well-placed to continue positively impacting the lives of many more families with inclusive finance in Lao PDR.

We currently employ 125 staff, 74% of which are female (our management is 59% female). Key management staff have been with the company for over 10 years. On average, our employees have been with us for more than 7 years, demonstrating a high retention rate and our desire to remain a Lao Employer of Choice.

We are an ethical microfinance company working closely with partners and peers to broaden our reach and achieve sustainable growth in offering quality financial inclusion in Lao PDR.

We value transparency and accountability in microfinance, and our core priorities focus on complying with microfinance principles and international best practices for MFIs.

As the leading Lao microfinance institution, we are licensed by the Bank of Lao PDR and a member of:

Lao Microfinance Association,

Asia-Pacific Rural and Agriculture Credit Association,

Lao Deposit Protection Office, and

Lao National Chamber of Commerce and Industry

How We Are Different

  •  We have field staff and partners positioned in remote, rural villages currently not served by other banks or MFI
  • We are the only deposit-taking microfinance institution / formal financial service in Lao operating outside of urban areas.
  • We are expanding our network, with a new Luang Prabang branch recently opened, which will help support the growth of our Centre Loan program into some of the most remote regions.
  • We were the first MFI in Lao PDR offering clients financial education services.
  • Our “Smart Kids” saving program encourages students to learn to save and spend wisely, supporting the future financial development of Lao.
  • We were the first MFI in Lao offering micro-insurance to low-income people.
  • We offer competitive interest rates and products tailored to meet the needs of rural finance
  • We offer free marketing services for clients via social media.
  • We are developing our technology & online banking services to offer branchless banking, even for those without smartphones.
  • We are an inclusive finance business and social enterprise in Lao.
  • We are outperforming all MFI industry benchmarks in Key Financial Indicators.
  • We were awarded for Excellence in Sustainable Social Enterprise in 2021


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