The Institute’s daily business operations are under the guidance of the Directors and Management Team, including Heads of Departments such as Operations Departments, Financial and Accounting Departments, IT and Administrative and Personnel Departments. 

Key Management of EMI

Mr. Viphet Sihachackr

Chairman of the Boards

Mr. Somphone Sisenglath


Ms. Bounta Boulom

Deputy director

Ms. Thiphakone Sanaxay

Internal Audit Manager

Mr. Pem Keosouphon

Head of Area Managers

Ms. Phanmaly Lomany

Admin. Manager

Ms. Siamphai Manivong

Teller Manager

Mr. Phouvong Meksavanh

IT Manager

Ms. Vilayvamh Chanthamoungkoun

Area Manager


Area Manager

Mr. Phithop Sibounheaung

Financial Education and Marketing Manager

Ms. Siamone Sihachack

Product Manager - Individaul

Ekhphatthana deposit-taking microfinance institution

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