What we focus on

Vision and Mission

Vision: EMI is leading microfinance institution in Lao PDR to offer effective (with modern technology), high-quality financial and non-financial services to low- and medium-income households.
Mission: EMI is offering responsibly a wide range of financial and financial education services to low- and medium-income households to strengthen their family livelihoods and businesses sustainably.

Our Social goals: 

Goal 1: EMI is offering excellent financial services enabling clients to grow sustainably their household and business assets and achieve their family goals.

Goal 2:  EMI is offering excellent financial education services enabling clients to manage their money wisely in meeting their household budget needs and growing their businesses.

Goal 3: EMI is an equal opportunity employer which invests in the continuous education of its employees.

Goal 4: EMI seeks long-term sustainability through financial viability while creating client value.

Our Background

Ekphatthana Microfinance Institution (EMI) is the first licensed microfinance institution to operate in Lao PDR under the government’s Microfinance regulations that was issued in 2005 and then updated in 2008.

Ekhphatthana deposit-taking microfinance institution

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