Aflatoun International, a global leading organization in developing social and financial education for children and young people together with Technical and Vocational Education and Training Department and its local partner Ekhpattana Microfinance Institution (EMI) hold a 3 days workshop to discuss how to integrate financial literacy curriculum into Lao school curriculum that started with the TVET national curriculum. The workshop started Wednesday, 1 March 2023 and was opened by Deputy Directorate General TVET Mr. Saykham Phanthavong. The workshop was attended by 26 participants who coming from Bank of Lao and Ministry of Education directorates. The resources persons came from Aflatoun International who based in Amsterdam, Senior Program Manager Asia, Mr. Lucky Lumingkewas, Curriculum Integration Advisor Ms Iari Vehuliza and Asia Regional Coordinator who based in Taiwan, Ms YaLing.

Aflatoun Internasional has partner in 105 countries including in Lao. In Lao, the local partner is EMI who has been partner with Aflatoun since 2011 and now making a way to collaborate with Ministry of Education to integrate financial literacy into national curriculum so all children and young people in Lao will learn this important skills and develop set of attitude toward financial literacy since early age. Aflatoun Internasional providing full complete curriculum of financial literacy from age 3 – 24 years old. Aflatoun is not providing the curriculum only but also a capacity building program on how to deliver the curriculum with active learning pedagogy.

One participant mentioned that the workshop had successfully connecting Bank of Lao with Ministry of Education to start collaborate in integrating financial literacy in all schools curriculum in Lao. The good thing is Central Bank of Lao and Ministry of Education will not necessary to develop the new financial literacy curriculum anymore since all the learning materials and it’s assessment tools will be provided by Aflatoun Internasional. They just need to contextualize the existing financial literacy curriculum into Lao context. Aflatoun will provide technical assistance to contextualize the curriculum into Lao context.

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